MG Engineering Design

Bring your ideas to life with co-operative design.
We can advise, support, model and build your concept.

What we offer:


> We help to conceptualize the idea better and captivate it in a sketch.

> Suggestion, improvements, and extra features that will make the final product better.

3D Design

> We design the 3D model with the latest CAD software and technologies.

> The 3D model has all the details to represent the real part 1:1.

> Look at it, disassemble it, make sections and be sure that this is what you want; functionally and aesthetically.

> Any problems that could be arised during production can be inexpensively fixed on the computer before proceeding with construction.

Construction Drawings

> We deliver the construction drawings fully dimensioned with sections and details.

> The drawings can be submitted to any manufacturer or workshop in the world for implementation.


> Photorealistic illustration of the product with a background of your choice.

> Can be used for an important presentation to investors or banks for loan.


> Animation with or without photorealism to demonstrate assembly or operation in case of moving mechanisms or just a neat 360° presentation.

Prototyping and Artisanal Production

> With our network of partners we can produce the working prototype in scale or actual size.

> We offer 3D printing or machine shop for metal or wood.

Patent Drawings

> Generate sketches for patent registration to EUIPO or WIPO.

> Following the guidelines to ensure successful registration of the product.

Engineering Studies

> Workload/pressure calculation in metal structures.

> Structural analysis using Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) and powerful algorithms of NASTRAN.

> Failure analysis.

For Personal Projects:

> We offer the design of innovative staircases, pergolas, railings, furniture, or whatever you think of, and would like to see what it will look like before you invest the effort and expense.

For professionals:

> We offer detailed construction drawings of metal or wooden structures for optimal and fast assembly.

> List of materials for cost estimation.

> DXF file for cutting or engraving routers, laser, plasma, waterjet, and puncher.

> Ability to perform static analysis of strength, resonance, or simple aerodynamic analysis.